About Us

Meet Pressure Cooked Games

Mark Proveau
Project Lead / Programmer / 3D Modeler / 2D UI Artist / Composer

My names Mark. I’m the Project Lead on D.I.B.S. and Manager of “Pressure Cooked Games”. My duties involve a lot of management responsibilities as well as work on the game itself. With the invaluable efforts of my Assistant Manager Gabriel Lopes I organize and conduct meetings, deal with the publishers (teachers), schedule tasks, and handle any concerns or disagreements having to do with the team.  As far as actual work on DIBS is concerned I act as a core member of the programming team, but that’s not all. My fingerprints are all over the game. From the design and scripting of all the 2D GUI and menus, to the design and creation of the main player ship itself. Heck, I even built, lit, and beautified the games first level. Especially concerning DIBS I consider myself to be a jack of all trades. If there is work to be done, it doesn’t much matter what it is, I’m your man. I’ll put in overtime to see that it’s not only done, but done well.

Patrick Carroll
Art Lead / Enemy Designs / 3D Modeler / Rigger / Animator


I’m Patrick, I was an art lead for our Capstone project, D.I.B.S. I was in charge of initial designs of the enemies, then after that I was tasked with modeling, rigging, and animating the more complex enemies in our game. I also aided with texture and normal map creation. As well as over seeing others work on the art side.

Matthew Mueller
Art Lead / Part-time Programmer / Sound FX Design / Particle Effects


My name’s Matthew Mueller and I am the Lead Artist for Pressure Cooked Games. My skills are in modelling, rigging, and animating characters, as well as environmental or weapon art when necessary. I also do some coding on the side (I was a programmer long before getting into art.)

Mike Egan
Lead Programmer / Designer


Hi my name is Mike Egan, I’m the lead programmer of Pressure Cooked Games working on DIBS. My background is in 3D multiplayer level design and level scripting, programming was the next logical step for me – someone who likes to create unique game experiences. I will be graduating from Niagara College’s Game Development program in April 2017. If it’s currently past April 2017: hello from the past!

Michael Dion
Environment Artist / Asset Modeller / Foliage Modeling Expert


My name is Michael Dion and I am a 3D artist and modeller for the game D.I.B.S. I am currently attending Niagara Colleges Program Game Development. My role for the game is creating environment assets, and important assets to the game as well as bringing all the things together in Unity. I also have worked on the game R.A.P.I.D (which won the best game of second year) and Robotic EMP-loyees (which is from Global Game Jam 2017).

Gabriel Lopes
Environment Artist / Particle FX / Assistant Manager / Level Design


The Name is Gabriel, Gabriel Lopes. I am one of the Environment Artists for the game D.I.B.S. My role is to implement all of the 3D assets into Unity and make sure it looks beautiful in the engine. I also helped in the design of the overall environment, and I worked on the particle FX; more specifically the weapons and some of the environment FX.

Alexander Salway
Asset Artist / Acting Director / Script Writer

My name is Alex Salway, I’m one of the 3D modelers and asset makers for D.I.B.S as well as the script writer and director for the voice acting in our game. My part in this project is to creat assets for our game such as the weapons for the player, health, and a couple enemies. My alternate role is work with the voice actors and use the audio files we record of them to create the beginning and end scenes for the game.

Dylan Wright
Artificial Intelligence


My name is Dylan Wright. I’m one of the programmers for D.I.B.S. My job in the game is to create functioning AI that not only work, but appear to be smart as well. I’ve worked on the horde, rock throwers, turtle, and lava enemies in the game. It’s a continuous process of going back and improving the behaviors but it’s a rewarding job for sure.  The fact that our game has AI is actually unique out of the other projects in our class.  It’s been a big challenge and I’ve learned a lot about Unity and it’s path finding tools like the Nav-mesh and how it effects enemy movement and AI decision making.